How to Turn a Green Zone Movie Poster into an Awesome Wall Art for Your Home

Part of a movie’s charming point is not just about the movie itself, but also the promotional posters that come with it. Aside from being used as promotional materials, movie posters are now fast becoming a wall art of choice in homes.

This Green Zone movie posters are a few examples of those wall art for homes. Who wouldn’t want the enigmatic Matt Damon in their home, right? This framed poster is similar to the movie’s promotional poster with the film’s credits also prominently displayed. It comes double sided, which gives you more options on how to display the poster in your home.


Another variety of the Green Zone movie poster is this one wherein it comes with frames already. In addition, the set comes with all the required hanging hardware.


With your Green Zone movie poster ready to be hanged, here are some pointers when incorporating it into a room’s theme:

  • Poster placement. A movie poster wall décor is not just any décor, it is special. Thus, its placement will have to be well thought of. If you want the Green Zone poster to be a conversation starter, you can put it on the living room. If the movie has more sentimental value to you, the bedroom would be a nice place to hang it.
  • Consider the room’s wall colour. Since the Green Zone movie’s colour palette borders more on the monochromatic and dark, it should complement your room’s wall colour flawlessly. A lighter wall colour would go well with this movie poster of if not you can put the poster in a light-coloured frame to balance everything.
  • Centerpiece or part of a gallery. Think about how you’re going to display the movie poster. Is it a standalone décor where it is the centerpiece? Or is it going to be part of a gallery of other wall art pieces?
  • To frame or not to frame. Now this is the tricky part. While it’s okay not to frame your movie poster, make sure to display it carefully that it would not look tacky, reminding you of college days. If you’re framing it, look for a material that goes well with the Green Zone poster.

Another helpful reminder if you’re putting up the Green Zone movie poster in a gallery wall, pick other wall posters that are of high quality. Picking the best luxury wall art for your home to go in the gallery is a must to ensure that your gallery wall looks beautiful.

Designing with movie posters can be an exciting process, albeit a challenging one too. Just keep in mind to understand what you really want to achieve and make use of your creativity!